There are several ways to decrease your lag, and stabilize your ping in black desert that I have found through testing. I've been keeping most of these secret to myself, but have decided to share them with you, and hope these stay between only those I share it with. Thank-you.

Some of these changes you might see around the web but many are custom to Black Desert and specialized to it's connection and the way it sends and receives packets.

Before going further I have to put in this disclaimer. This is advanced computer work that is messing around with the core of how your computer operates. I take no responsibility if you mess up and brick your windows install or any problems that occur because of anything you do. Now that that's out of the way, we shall precede. Thank-you.

A practical poem can give you an insight. Though the main thought of this poem is make as aware that all around us aren't safe any more. Due to massive using and abusing of our environment we suffer deeply. I hope that this type of poetry will help us understand the side effects of doing something on our only planet that we have. Have a blessed day.

Being a missionary person or missionary minded person could influence other people to have a right mindset. In the story it will tell us about a young lady who become a believer.

The story was about the courage of a young boy who take a step to overcome his fear and that leads him to become courageous. Find out how Kim overcome his fear to ride a bicycle.

A true to life story that was happen in Japan many, many years ago. The main point of the story is all about obedience to your parents. Find out how Tado obeyed his grandfather in the story.

Are you looking for a fresh NEW START in your health? God's 8 Laws of Health - which is the NEW START program of: Nutrition * Exercise * Water * Sunshine * Temperance * Rest * Air * and Trust in God.<br> These are God's Natural Remedies! Much of what is written on God's 8 Laws of Health - the NEW START program - Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Rest, Air and Trust in God was written by Ellen White. She wrote extensively on God's Natural Remedies. Most of the quotes have a date by them... check it will be amazed at the light she had so early in time! As early as 1868 she was telling people that meat eating was the cause of cancer and was not safe to eat! And it 1899, she said it wouldn't be long and milk and dairy products would no longer be safe! Science and Doctors are just catching up to her with all the scientific information supporting exactly what she said in regards to the safety of meat eating and dairy products and the rest of God's Natural Remedies.

This is a step-by-step DIY guide on how to delete a cookie of a specific website in google chrome.

The parents in this story are not unlike many of us. We find it easy to love those who are good-looking or fun to have around, but we don’t like people who inconvenience us or make us feel uncomfortable. We would rather stay away from people who aren’t as healthy, beautiful, or smart as we are.
Thankfully, God doesn’t treat us that way. God loves us with an unconditional love that welcomes us into his forever family, regardless of how messed up we are.
Because of his great love for us, we are to reach out to others in the same way.