All-Points Bulletin

Thousands of cars are stolen every year in California, but in 1981, there was one car theft that made all the local papers and was the lead story on the evening news. The police had issued an all-points bulletin to find the missing car and to make contact with the person who stole it.

Why was this car theft getting so much attention?

The owner of the stolen car had informed the police that on the front seat of the car was a box of crackers laced with a deadly poison. The car owner had planned to use the crackers as rat bait. So the police were desperately trying to find the thief—not to punish him, but to save his life. They were afraid he would eat one of the crackers and die.

Where to Take It from Here...
In the same way, our Heavenly Father pursues us—not because he wants to punish us but because he wants to save us. You may be running away from God because—like the car thief—you are a sinner. You have broken God’s law. But what you may not realize is that God is trying to rescue you, not condemn you. The penalty for your sin has been paid by Jesus Christ on the cross, and God wants to give you your freedom. So stop running and turn yourself in. Your life is at stake!

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