HOW TO Delete Cookie of Particular Domain in Chrome

Since Chrome Browser do not have a tool where you could easily delete a cookie of a specific website. This guide will tell you how to delete a cookie of any particular domain using the settings of Chrome.

Let's Begin
Click on three dotted icons in Google Chrome (given at the top right) and then click on Settings. or paste this in your url bar without a quote "chrome://settings/"

In Chrome Settings, inline with settings hit the search box and enter the word PRIVACY.

On right pane, Click "Content Settings..." button and a modal window will appear.

Under the Content Settings, you will see a Cookies, Click "All Cookies and site data...." button and a new window will appear.

Beneath the Cookies and Site Data you could see a table headers namely: Site and Locally stored data, Remove all button and a Search Cookies Box.
Site - it is a domain name that is saved in your chrome cookies.
Locally stored data - is a types of cookies and the number of cookies save in that specific domain name.
Remove All - is a button that will delete all cookies of your chrome.
Search Box - the a search box is intended only for filtering domain cookies (?)

NOTE: Do not click "Remove All" before this point.
What are we going to do is search that particular domain. My Example is

There are two options you could possibly do:
1. Remove all Shown button - you could delete all you search so be cautious
2. X button at the end (right side). - I prefer this since you would hit x manually to delete a specific cookies.

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