Carload of Tips for Motorists

Longing to keep your car safe from car nappers?

Check these tips:

1. While it is instinctive to check damages immediately when a car bumps your vehicle, assess the situation first. If it is in a secluded area, just drive away. Insurance should cover whatever damages your car might have sustained.

2. Keep your vehicle in tiptop shape, at all times.

3. Carry a fully charged cellphone, always.

4. Have somebody accompany you in unfamiliar places.

5. Preprogram emergency numbers in your cellphone.

6. Don't leave your vehicle when you feel you're in danger. Lock your doors  at all times and keep the windows up.

7. Don't be easily intimidated or provoked by strong language or be baited by reassuring ones.

8. Stay alert.

9. Know where the nearest medical clinic  or hospital is in case of emergencies.

10. Check your gas. And always pray. It helps because it works.

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