Legend of the Owl

Once upon a time, the pigeon and the owl were able to meet on a tree in the forest. The two chatted about a lot of things while they were resting. They were soon talking about who were greater in number.

Both insisted that their flock were greater in number than the other. To prove who was saying the truth, the two agreed on a bet. They were to meet on the same place together with all the relatives that they could find. There will be a head count to find out who was indeed greater in number.

The two bid each other goodbye in haste to inform their families of the bet that they had just made. The owl gathered all of his kind and told them of the bet with pigeon. All of his family agreed to go with him tomorrow to show off to the other group that there were more of them. They were all laughing just thinking of how the pigeons would look silly after seeing how many owls there were in the head count. They were sure to win the bet landslide.

The owls were early the following morning. The meeting place looked like one huge reunion party for the owls. There was a lot of laughing, joking and chatting going on while waiting for the pigeons.

They were starting to get impatient as the pigeons were late. It was already late in the afternoon but still no pigeons have shown up. The owls were laughing saying the pigeons got scared they would lose the bet so they stood the owls up.

The birds were about to celebrate their win when all of the sudden the whole place turned dark. They were all surprise by the sudden darkness since the sun has not yet set at that time. The owls looked up and were startled to see almost a thousand pigeons flying to the meeting place. The owls’ eyes grew big due to their astonishment. Because of the great number of pigeons who came flying to the meeting place, they were able to block the sun thus making the forest dim. The owls got scared and hastily flew away from the place.

The owls were still awe struck that all they could say is a stuttering “hoo, hoo”. Until now, their eyes never returned to its normal size. Because of fear, the owls now only come out at night. They were scared that they might meet the thousand of pigeons who beat them in the bet.

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