Repentance is essentially choosing to give control of your life over to God. It is deciding to turn away from sin, in return for a loving, intimate, eternal relationship with Him. 
To grow your understanding of repentance, pretend you are starving and haven't eaten in days. You need food and you finally manage to find a piece of bread. Then a man comes and offers you a trade. Your piece of bread for the contents of his basket. You can’t see what's in his basket, but he tells you in contains an abundance of food. 

Desperation drives people into error." Most people are not bound by demons or others. They bind themselves. The very first enemy is not demon or anyone else. It is "SELF" How? There will be many, but especially, "Self-negativeness." Then, it becomes the stronghold of evil. He starts to do his ministry from it. Later, he binds it to take control. Many Christians are the victims of Satan's strongholds. 

Philippians 4:19 “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”. 
How many times have you claimed this promise and wondered if it will work for you? Does the Bible not say that we can ask God for what we need and He will supply it? Yes the Bible does say that. There are however some things we sometimes overlook. 
Here are six steps we need to look at when we decide we are going to claim a promise from God; 

There exists in the mind of many the idea that Doctors in the days of Jesus were untutored and lacked skill. The truth is that many were learned men, who were even in those days learning to carry out delicate operations. Instruments have been found that were used for operating on the human skull, to lift a broken piece of bone and relieve pressure to the brain from an injury. While much has been discovered today about hygiene and pain control, we need only to look at what has been found from archeology and the study of ancient writings, to understand that a respected doctor in the first century AD was usually a highly literate and qualified person. 

The Road Builder who put God First! Le Tourneau started out with $20 and worked with it to become a Multimillionaire. 
Scripture: Gen. 37:5, Acts 23:11 
3 men stand out in my Bible, as men driven by a Dream. 

Joseph David Paul 
Dreamer Warrior Theologian 
Bones/ Promised land Temple to meet God God's Presence in Heaven 
Gen. 50:25. 1 Chron. 22:7. Phil. 1:21 & 23. 

If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all. Isaiah 7:9 

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to trust in God when everything is going well, but when a little trouble comes our way, our faith waivers? Do you think that is why God's Word consistently tries to prepare us for the tough times of life, and why God repeats the promise "I will never leave you nor forsake you"? 

What is Sin? 

Sin means to miss the mark. It is a term borrowed from archery. When the arrow misses the target, it is called a sin. 

God created us in His image. What we fall short of His perfect morality, justice and love we miss the mark and sin. 

The unfortunate result of Sin is separation from God. 

Where Does Sin Come From? 

Failure and success.  We spend a lot of our lives trying to get away from failure and get to success.  We have sayings about failure and success.  We say failure is not an option.  We associate success with winners and failure with losers.  We make little posters on the walls that talk about success and achievement and teamwork and we hang them up in our workplaces so everybody will work harder and cynical people like me make other versions of them to send around on the Internet with other sayings on them.  You get those in your email from time to time.  And they say stuff like “Failure is when your best is just not good enough.”  You’ve seen that one.  We spend a significant amount of effort dealing with failure and success and we fear failure and we want to be on the road to success.  And somewhere along the line failure became a bad word.  I mean we all want to be successful right.  We want to be successful parents.  So parents I have a question.  Are you successful if your child is 28 years old and still living at home and working for minimum wage at McDonald’s?  Are you a successful parent if your child doesn’t grow up and accept Jesus as their savior? 

Two Choices

Key text: Romans 6

Well this is the sixth message in a series on Romans.  This is based on chapter 6.  I want you to get out your Bibles.  Turn to Romans chapter 6.  Just put it on your lap.  You will need it today.  I will have some scripture on the overhead in back of me but actually the majority of it is going to be in your lap their with your own Bible.  So please open your Bibles to Romans chapter 6 and we are going to be starting at verse 1 in a moment.

Now today’s message is called Two Choices.  And two choices when you think about it Adam and Eve had how many choices about that tree in the middle of the garden?  Eat it.  Don’t eat.  Eat it.  Don’t eat.  Right.  When Noah got onto the ark, all those around who lived near the ark had a choice.  What are the choices?  Get on.  Don’t get on.  Get on.  Don’t get on.  At the second coming of our Lord there are two choices, and by then the choices have been made.  What are the choices?  Want to go.  Don’t want to go.  Want to go.  Don’t.  There have always been two choices.  It’s not three choices.  Not four.  Not two in a half.  Not one in a half.  Two.  So this is called Two Choices.

What if our Bibles were really important?  I mean really important.  A story is told of an old man who loved the books.  And he was talking to one of his friends and his friend had just thrown away an old Bible that he had found in the attic of his ancestral home.  And the friend said, “Yeah it was an old Bible.  It was printed by Gutten somebody or other.”  And the book lover said, “Not Guttenberg.  That was like one of the first books ever printed.  Why one of them just sold for $2,000,000.”  And his friend said, “Mine wouldn’t have brought a buck.  Some dude had written German all over it named Martin Luther.”  I doubt that story is true but it brings up a point.  What if our Bibles were valuable not because of who had printed them, or who owned them, or that it was a leather book, or it was fancy paper but it was valuable because of the words on the page?  What if any old ordinary Bible that we can go down to the Christian bookstore and buy right today had value?