Trivia #1

Has your kid asked why milk is white? Well, the chalky-white color of milk is caused by the calcium-rich protein, Casein. Besides, the cream found in milk contains white-colored fat. The more cream in milk the more white it. Low nonfat milk appear grayish because they contain less cream. Milk also looks white because Casein and cream reflect most colors in the spectrum.


Did you know that:

Calcium and vitamin D are the two major ingredients of milk that make it such a healthy drink? While calcium gives us strong bones and healthy teeth, vitamin D is necessary for the development of healthy bones.

While being squeezed from the cow's udders, milk leaves the cow's body at a high temperature of 101 degrees F. Then, the milk is quickly cooled and stored at 40 degrees F.

In order to make nine gallons of milk a day, a cow must drink 18 gallons of fresh, clean water (two gallons of water per gallon of milk)?

The average cow produces 90 glasses of milk per day?


Doctors and nutritionists recomend that everyone should deink about two glasses of milk a day to say healthy and prevent osteoporosis (the disease that causes the deterioration of bones). Chocolate milk contains the same essential ingredients as white milk - calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, high quality protein, and magnesium. The only difference between white and chocolate milk is that chocolate milk contains about 60 more calories because of the sucrose and other nutrients sweeteners added to it.

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